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SBA Solutions, Inc. can provide the following cost-effective services.

New School Business Administrator Mentoring
School boards and superintendents of schools have a great deal of district money and credibility invested in their newly hired school business administrators (SBA).  The SBA's role continues to expand in scope and complexity each year.  Providing your new SBA with an experienced mentor is an inexpensive and effective method to increase the probability of success.

We will work with the Superintendent of Schools and the School Board to identify the expected outcomes for the mentoring and develop an approved mentoring plan.  We will then work with district administration and the new SBA to implement the approved mentoring plan.

Long-Term Financial Planning
Is your school district managing its budget and operations without a written long-term plan, making decisions from one year to the next based on the potentially myopic realities of short-term politics and in reaction to unforeseen economic conditions?

We will work with your school board and district administration to identify or revise your district's vision, mission, belief, and operational parameter statements.  We will then examine your district's goals, strategic plan, and board policies for alignment with these governance statements.  We will examine your district's financial history and current condition and then prepare a written long-term financial plan designed to achieve the vision and mission of your district.

School Board Training in School finance
Does your school board need or want training in school budget development and monitoring from an independent expert?

We will work with your district administration and school board to design and conduct training in school business finance for your school board and, if desired, district administration.

Efficiency Studies
Is your Business Office, Facilities Department, or Food Service Program operating efficiently and effectively?  Are they over or under staffed?  Do the staff members have the proper skills, training, and guidance to optimize their job performance?  Are these Departments and Programs an integral part of your district's success or are they bystanders or, worse, obstacles to success?

We will work with your district administration, and or school board if desired, to identify their goals.  We will then conduct studies to evaluate and recommend any changes to these programs necessary to achieve those goals.

Student Enrollment Projections
Student enrollment projections should be recalculated each Fall in preparation for budget development.  Does your school district have an enrollment calculator that is extremely accurate, easy to update, and presentation friendly? 

We will work with your district administration to design and program a student enrollment projection calculator with a variety of statistical analyses presented in an easy to understand format.  Annually thereafter, we can update these projections for a low fee or your district administration can do the work itself.

Demographic & Facilities Use Studies
Comprehensive demographic and facilities use studies are an essential planning tool and are required/advised for certain capital projects.  Is your district paying exorbitant fees for a boiler plate study?

We will work with district administration to conduct comprehensive demographic and facilities use studies using the statistical methodology required by the New York State Education Department.  Our comprehensive written report will include an easy to read executive summary followed by a technical section written to comply with academic publishing standards.

Negotiations Costing-Out Calculators
Total salaries and benefits typically account for approximately 75 percent of a school district's general fund budget, with teacher salaries and benefits accounting for approximately 50 percent.  When it comes time for costing out negotiations proposals, your school board and district administration should be able to receive detailed and accurate answers on the fly to many of their questions regarding costs under a variety of 'what if' scenarios. 

We will work with your central office administration and, if desired, school board to identify the potential variables that might be considered during negotiations.  We will then design and program an easy to use calculator that will accurately process the identified variables.  The calculator will be programmed at the individual staff member level and will roll up these data into bargaining unit level analysis.  A very small investment in this capability will empower school boards to make better decisions regarding this majority expenditure.

Records Management

Does your school district have a written plan for records management and records access?  Is your district still using paper-based records?  Is your district using precious administrative office space to house filing cabinets?  Can your district's staff members search for and retrieve archived records within seconds?  What is your district's disaster prevention and recovery plan for its paper-based records - how will your district save them or recover them from fire, water, or mold damage?

We will work with your Records Management Officer (RMO) and your Records Access Officer (RAO) to prepare and implement a written records management and records access plan that addresses the issues identified above.

Website Design, Administration & Hosting
Does your school district, municipality, business have a website?  Why, or why not? If it does, what is its purpose and is it achieving that purpose?  Does it cost too much to maintain?  Is it more difficult dealing with the web designer, web administrator, and web hosting company than it should be? 

We will provide a low cost, comprehensive solution for your website woes.  We will work with you to determine everything you want your website to be and what you want it to accomplish.  We will then design, host, and administer your website all for a very reasonable annual cost.

Special Projects
We will work with you on a variety of special projects.  Our general approach to any project is to work with the decision makers to identify the parameters of the project and develop an approved plan.  Typically this plan will include gathering necessary and valuable input from effected stakeholders, determining available organizational resources, developing a written plan for realistically achieving the purposes of the project, and then assisting in the implementation of the approved plan.